Monday, August 31, 2009

Sig-Sauer P238 Nitron w/Rosewood grips


Time to welcome a new member to our firearm family. I’ve already reviewed the P238 and still believe it to be the best currently produced .380 on the market. We were only borrowing one before, and now we own one.

This version is a Nitron finish (all black) with Rosewood grips and night sights.
(taken at ISO 1600)

We purchased this from a Florida dealer through an internet auction site. The gun was described as NIB (New In Box) yet it was apparent that it had been shot at least 25 times from the powder build-up in the barrel. I checked it out and found no wear or damage to anything and was fine with it. Sig-Sauer has a great repair policy should anything go wrong. I was only able to load 5 rounds in the magazine that was designed for 6, though. I had assumed it was a tight spring like my S&W M&P had in the beginning. It turned out to be a stone in the bottom of the magazine that finally worked itself into a rattle.

Shooter and pistol are doing fine and are very happy.